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Connected through slavery, a Black woman and a White woman discover their past—and each other

What happens when a White woman, Phoebe, contacts a Black woman, Betty, saying she suspects they are connected through slavery? First surprise? Betty responds, “Hello, Cousin.”

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Grief Is a Dancer
Alisa Bair
With her bracing storytelling, Bair shows what it's like for her family to seek equilibrium after their unspeakable loss of 8-year-old Kelly.
Bair proposes that grief is an intuitive, loving, life-long partner in sorrow, not something to "get over."
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5-Ingredient Natural Recipes
New York Times bestselling
author Phyllis Good
You choose the cooking method for each recipe! A delightful new cookbook from one of the bestselling cookbook authors in North America, Phyllis Good.
These 5-ingredient recipes use only wholesome ingredients—natural, honest, and delicious.
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Jokes from the Back Seat 2
More Humor for Kids!

Jokes, Riddles, Funny Cartoons, Tounge-Twisters, Hilarious "Rokes & Jiddles," Science Jokes, Sports Jokes, Puns, and Much More!

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55 and Counting
A Guide for Pre-Retirement

55 and Counting gently but pointedly looks at the many parts of life that will be affected by retirement: Identity (who am I now?). Sharing the house and days on end with a now-present spouse. Discovering new purpose. Finding true community. And much more.

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8 Broads in the Kitchen
The 8 Broads in the Kitchen—each a chef and owner of a bed and breakfast—love nothing more than setting an irresistible dessert in front of hungry friends and family.
Their eight establishments across the country were the proving grounds for this astonishing collection of delicious recipes.
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Psalm 23
(In Other Words)
Text and Illustrations by Penn Ketchum
In this book is the iconic Psalm, along with Ketchum’s “other words,” and his invitation for you to add your own.
“This book is for the faithful but, more so, for anyone who is not connected—normal schmoes like me, going through life looking for clues,” Ketchum says.
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Jokes from the Back Seat
Humor for Kids!
Look inside for knock-knock jokes, tongue-twisters, and one-liners to read aloud to your family, especially from the back seat.
Also included are funny cartoons that will bring smiles and laughter to kids of all ages.
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