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Available February 1, 2022

Christine’s Turn

A Novel


Merle Good

Now in her senior year of university, Christine is caught between possibilities that open for her and her terror of failing. She has never met her father. Can she escape the depressing shadow of her mother?

When a new song she and Zach write for their little band becomes a big hit of sorts, she feels conflicted by the shallow celebrity it brings. Does she want this future?

Reluctantly she is drawn into a crusade to stop the development of a historic farm next door to her home. Is this her calling? Does she know what she’s doing?

She can’t forget Thomas, although he’s upper class and she was born on the bottom rung. Does he see her as anything more than an interesting friend? Then Gordon re-enters her life and wants to marry her. Again.

Where does Christine belong? Will she ever get her turn? Does she even want it? Mama tells her to always aim lower to avoid disappointment. Others think she can excel. Is she bound to fail?

Ethan and Harriet have protected and encouraged her, almost as substitute parents. But if she takes a job, after graduation, that takes her far away, is she steady enough to go on without Ethan and Harriet?

A gripping search for roots, meaning, and love.

Available: February 1, 2022

Price: $15.99

Pages: 440

Size: 5.25 x 8.25

ISBN: 9781947597488