What It’s Like to Be Amish


Sam Stoltzfus

Sam is a keeper of stories, many of them centered in the Amish farms, schools, and gathering places of eastern Lancaster County where he has lived his entire life.

Told completely from inside the Old Order Amish world, Sam’s stories involve you in many experiences, including these: The hazards of driving a horse and buggy on public roads on a dark night; When a bank robber hides in Amish country; “Going in with the boys”: when Sam, as an eight-year-old, was finally old enough to sit with his peers during church, and what he did to prepare for that; Rashes of barn fires—and rebuilding; Catching the mail bag, flung from the train when it flew through the nearby railroad crossing in Gordonville; Surviving a week at home alone with a teenage son, when his wife, Katie (aka as his “Peach”) and another son took a bus to visit their daughter in Kentucky; Three inexperienced Amish cousins building a traffic-worthy bridge on an uncle’s farm as a safety measure—the family would no longer need to drive their buggy out onto car-clogged Route 30 when leaving the farm; Farming with horses—and attending Henry Hershberger’s Horseman’s Clinic; and A hired man’s life on an Amish farm.

Now a grandfather, Sam Stoltzfus tells the truth, and gives just enough background so a reader from outside the Amish community can understand what’s happening, and its significance. Tender, highly informative, respectful, and poignant stories and reflections.

Price: $14.99

Pages: 192

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN: 9781947597020